Android address book app leaks personal data in Japan

Reports from Japan are stating that an address book app for Android-powered devices in Japan had temporarily leaked the personal data of 760,000 users onto the web.

The app, Zenkoku Denwacho [Nationwide Address Book], had been available for Android for approximately three weeks. NetAgent Co, a security company, reported the leak to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the case will be investigated.

Users who downloaded the app could search through an extensive address book put together by Nippon...

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AQuA to launch Quality App Directory at #AppsWorld

The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) is announcing the launch of the Quality App Directory, its newest initiative next week at Apps World in London on 2-3 October. It’s calling for Android developers to get involved, demonstrating the quality of their apps by implementing a recommended set of testing criteria and adding their apps to the directory.

The directory will constitute a kind of kite mark for quality, so inclusion will be a mark of respectability for...

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Half of Android devices worldwide need patching, says report

More security worries and vulnerabilities for Android users revealed in new research

An estimate from Duo Security reveals that over half of Android devices worldwide are unpatched and could be taken advantage of by a malicious app.

Duo Security crunched the numbers due to one of their products, X-Ray, an app which performs “vulnerability assessment” – in other words, a security product which checks known, yet unpatched vulnerabilities in the platform.

The results come from analysing more than...

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Android: With great responsibility comes great opportunity - Mark Murphy #AppsWorld

The phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" has been around for a while in various formulations, despite its association with the uncle of a Marvel Comics superhero. It helps focus the mind that has wandered off thinking about the "great power" part of the expression.

But wherever you find a situation where there is "great responsibility", you will often times find great opportunity as well.

Android has its share of "great responsibility" areas, things that developers really should invest in to...

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Russian firm’s Android malware scam nets £50k fine

Make that up to £300k total with the refunds, but is it such a surprise that Droids continue to get attacked?

PhonepayPlus, the UK-based service regulator, has slapped down a £50,000 fine on Russian malware firm Connect Ltd for misleading its customers through extortionate SMS messages.

Connect Ltd, trading as SMSBill, used a Facebook link which downloaded malware onto Android smartphones. Upon download of the app, a text message was sent out which resulted in a £10 fine for the user.


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Flurry: Android and iOS adoption quickest in China

According to analytics experts Flurry, the fastest growing iOS and Android markets is China, by a considerable distance.

Flurry estimates that, with the application coverage it provides, over 90% of all iOS and Android devices can be detected, so these figures appear to be about as accurate as they could possibly be.

The US still leads in terms of number of active iOS and Android devices, with 165 million. China is a relatively close second on 128m devices, with the UK (31m), South Korea (28m) and Japan (22m)...

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Security worries: how to play it safe with Android apps

Android is by far the most popular platform in the world of mobiles today. More and more people are turning to mobile devices because of the flexibility of devices and the pocket friendly handsets available in the market today.

However, the very fact that it is so popular means automatically that it is largely susceptible to hackers. The more a platform becomes popular; more are the chances that people will want to pry it open to get maximum data from it.

In this kind of a situation one has to be very careful...

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Adobe Flash officially disappears from Android store

It’s official: Flash is no longer available from Google Play’s storefront.

AppsTech reported this story back in June with the main focus centring on a lack of Flash for Jelly Bean, Android 4.1, saying at the time that IT professionals will be “doubtless breathing sighs of relief”.

Adobe confirmed that usesr who already have Flash installed will get to keep it if they so choose, with configuration settings updated to...

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IDC: Android powers 68.1% of all smartphones shipped

Android ploughs on according to IDC, but hold fire: didn’t the same people say Android would hit its peak this year?

Android holds a “commanding” market share of smartphones shipped globally in this year’s second quarter, with 68.1% - or 104.8 million – of the 154m worldwide smartphone shipments using an Android OS.

According to International Data Center (IDC) research, Android’s sizeable market share can be traced back to the hold of Samsung, which accounted for 44% of all...

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RIM considered moving to Android before BB10, says Heins

RIM chief Thorsten Heins has admitted that the Canadian manufacturer had looked “seriously” at moving to Android before embarking on BlackBerry 10.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Heins spoke of BB10 - which is due at the beginning of next year after development delays - and the possibility the delay may do good in the long run.

“We have to place one bet and make it right,” Heins explained, adding: “We don’t want to go for an intermediate step. [BB10] comes out in the...

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