Facebook and Android: Is it a match made in heaven?

Reports abound that Facebook is urging its employees to dump their iPhones and replace them with Android devices in order to get problems with Facebook’s Droid app sorted quickly.

The concept has been dubbed ‘droidfooding’; a play on ‘dogfooding’, standard tech industry practice whereby a company uses its own products to convince consumers of its worth – think the opposite of Gerald...

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Apple passes one million app submission mark

Following news that the Google Play store had broken the 700,000 app mark last month, DeveloperTech asked: “Who do you think will hit the one million mark for apps in its store, Google or Apple?”

Well, the answer appears to be Apple, according to a tweet from app finder Appsfire.

The tweet (below) confirms that the one million app mark was broken this week, although the figure doesn’t specifically mean live apps currently in the Store – that...

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Can you design a new Android experience for mWomen?

GSMA is offering developers and digital designers a rare chance to put their skills to work at the lower end of the global scale, by coming up with ways to improve smartphone user experience for women in some of the world’s poorer countries.

The GSMA mWomen Design Challenge invites designers, programmers and innovators, teams and individuals, to consider the user experience of resource- poor women to re-imagine a smartphone’s core user interface to be more...

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Android 4.2 bug doesn’t recognise December

Android Police has spotted an intriguing flaw in the latest Android 4.2 system – it doesn’t recognise the month of December.

The People calendar app goes straight from November to January, yet the Calendar itself remains unaffected.

The issue was raised initially on the Android Open Handset Alliance Project, where the complainant, Rohit Naik, noted: “Today I was inserting birthday of a friend in my...

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Google Play breaks the 700,000 app mark

In a period dominated by Microsoft-based news, Google does not want to be outdone, with Bloomberg reporting that the search giant now has 700,000 apps downloadable for Android in the Play store.

This number correlates similarly to Apple’s App Store, which at the last count was at just over 700,000 apps.

Back in June reports abounded that the Google Play store had cracked 600,000 apps, compared to 650,000 apps for the App Store as Apple announced in the same month.

If the reports are true, Google appears...

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University research paper picks apart Droid security

Android security is a common point of discussion, and it’s no different here as a university research paper has noted that certain Android apps leave users’ details out in the open.

The paper, jointly by Leibniz University of Hanover and Philipps University of Marburg which looked at “the inadequate use of SSL (secure socket layer) in Android apps”, found that 8% of the 13,500 most popular apps in the Google Play store failed to...

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Indian app devs can finally sell apps on Google Play

Google has launched Google Play seller support in India, added the world’s second most populous country to the list of regions where paid Android apps can be sold.

The news was announced in a post on the Android Developers Blog, with various reasons given for the development.

Extending to the Indian market is really a no-brainer for Google, as the blog post explains. India is now in the top five global markets for app...

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Built-in malware scanner for Android in latest Google Play

Will this be the solution to Android security dramas?

Android Police reports that the latest version of Google Play, 3.9.16, will feature a malware scanner for Android devices.

The find was spotted during a root through the app store APK, with the scanner purportedly in two parts on the client side; one called ‘App Check’ which assesses already downloaded apps, and a bouncer-type element which ensures shady figures don’t get in through the front door.

Android Police found various text...

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Play Store introduces try-before-you-buy on in-app subscriptions

Google has introduced a new feature to the Play store that allows developers to offer users trial access to in-app subscription content before they buy it.

Users will have the opportunity to sample the content for a period of time set by the developer, minimum seven days.

The user has to first purchase the content, but at a price of £00.00. Access is then free until the users cancels, or until the end of trial period, at which point the billing system kicks in, charging to a card that the user was...

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