BUILD 2016: The big developer round-up

(Image Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft opened its annual developer conference, BUILD, with a range of important announcements for the company's future vision. In this article we'll round-up some of the highlights, but Microsoft's event itself was designed to round-up all developers, of any platform, and ensure Windows and Microsoft's services are the "home" for their development. Hence, the double-entendre of a...

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Google’s powerful Cloud Vision API now available

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When it comes to machine learning, few companies can match the investment and experience of Google. Their powerful technology is used across the company's own beloved products and services to improve the experience of their users – and now they're opening up more of it for any developer to use in their own applications. 

Announced today, Google is releasing a public beta of its

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Visa program opens up APIs and platform for developers

Visa has launched the Visa Developer network, which aims to lure software developers into an open platform with access to payments technology, products and services.

The payments giant is providing a platform for innovation in global commerce with a view to aid financial institutions, merchants, and technology companies in meeting the requirements consumers and merchants who are now relying a lot on connected devices to shop, pay and get paid.

Immediately after the launch, Visa Developer will provide access...

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Several of Google's search APIs find retirement

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After first being announced back in 2011, several of Google's search APIs will find themselves officially retired as of February 15th. Luckily, with Google being a search company, the defunct APIs have been replaced with a superior alternative in the form of the Custom-Search API. 

The APIs heading into retirement include; Patent Search, News Search, Blog Search, Image...

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Bristol is the latest city to use APIs for improving transport

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As cities become smarter, we're seeing more APIs being opened-up to developers looking to help improve the conditions of those working and living within them. Bristol has become the latest city to join others around the world in offering a transport API. 

The web-based service is designed to provide information such as live bus and train times, stop locations,...

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Facebook introduces new embedded video player API and support for oEmbed standard

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/tanuha2001)

In order to help developers and publishers make their websites more social and engaging, Facebook has introduced a new embedded video player API and support for the oEmbed standard. Facebook users interact with videos, articles, posts and photos on the social networking site on a daily basis.

Facebook had launched an interactive embedded video player earlier in 2015 and the...

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