Elastic Beam unveils AI-powered software platform to protect API infrastructures from attacks

Elastic Beam has announced the launch of API Behavioral Security (ABS), an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software platform that can detect and block cyberattacks that target APIs to compromise corporate data and systems – in public clouds, hybrid clouds, or on premise.

ABS does not require any predefined policies, security rules, or attack signatures, and is capable of stopping new and constantly changing attacks.

Securing APIs is important because they provide an easy access into...

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Open Banking releases payments API spec to prepare industry for transformation

Open Banking, the implementation entity set up by the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) to provide new ways for customers to share their financial data with non-bank providers, has released an API specification for accounts and transaction information and payments initiation.

The spec is now available on the Open Banking website for review and development by banks and third-party service providers.

Currently due to go live in January next year, the Payments Initiation API will enable third parties to...

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Android Things Preview 4.1 includes minor improvements for IoT developers

The latest Android Things preview update only contains minor improvements but could be useful for some IoT developers.

As the incremental version number suggests, this update isn’t filled with exciting new features. The first is support for the Pico i.MX6UL revision B board, while support for earlier revisions are being dropped. The latest board supports many common external peripherals from companies including Adafruit and Pimoroni.

A second addition is a smaller, more optimised version of Play...

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Google brings new and updated APIs with Chrome 60

Google has updated its popular Chrome browser with new and updated APIs for developers to improve the experience for all users.

Currently available in the beta channel, Chrome 60 includes a brand new Paint Timing API, enhancements to the Credential Management API, and improvements as to how pages are rendered with a new CSS Font-Display feature.

Paint Timing API

The Paint Timing API is designed to help web developers gauge how quickly a web app or page loads to help make improvements where necessary. This is...

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reCAPTCHA Android API launched to enable safer Internet usage on Android mobiles


Google has announced the launch of the first reCAPTCHA Android API as part of Google Play Services, aiming to better tell humans and bots apart on mobile.

The older versions of reCAPTCHA have been refined to create a version that can provide interruption-free, streamlined user experience – the Invisible reCAPTCHA in March 2017 – which means users can go through sites automatically.

The API will utilise the newest Invisible reCAPTCHA technology, with it also being included...

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Google finalises APIs for Android O in Developer Preview 3

Unwilling to let Apple steal all the spotlight this week, Google has announced Android O Developer Preview 3 is rolling out with the final APIs before release.

The second developer preview was announced during Google I/O three weeks ago and included a look at the new ‘Fluid Experiences’ and ‘Vitals’ features.

Some of the Fluid Experience features include; Picture-in-Picture support, Notification Dots which allow developers to inform users an action is now available, Auto-Fill support...

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What developers need to know following Apple’s WWDC 17 keynote

Apple’s keynote at its annual WWDC event often leans towards consumer announcements, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for developers.

This year, the computing giant announced “the biggest software release ever” for iPad while also squeezing in a few iPhone features, improvements to macOS, a new product line in ‘HomePod’ which is somewhere between a Google Home competitor and Sonos rival, an interesting AR platform, and a machine learning API.

iOS 11

iOS 11...

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IFTTT allows individual developers to build applets

IFTTT has become invaluable for connecting various products and services together, but it was limited to its large partners in the past. Today, however, the platform is opening its virtual doors to individual developers to build and publish applets for anyone.

For those uninitiated, IFTTT (If This Then That) allows people to create ‘recipes’ which help to maximise the potential of products and services. For example, a high carbon dioxide level detected by a Netatmo Weather Station at home could...

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Opinion: Three tips for the healthy API

Today’s cloud platforms are changing every part of the software stack: compute, payments, maps, storage, communications. Platforms are making it easier than ever before for developers to test ideas. This is the essence of software, and it’s happening faster than ever.

The significance, therefore, of running a healthy API cannot be overstated. It’s the only way, ultimately, that companies striving for developer adoption and retention will be able to achieve their goals.

But what is a...

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Google makes Cloud Speech API generally available to developers

Google is allowing third-party developers to access its speech recognition technology with the help of its Cloud Speech API, which has become generally available.

Cloud Speech, which allows developers to convert audio to text with a simple to use API, was introduced in open beta in summer 2016, and is built on the core technology that powers speech recognition for Google products, such as Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Now.

Google bettered the transcription accuracy for long-form audio and process...

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