Type and Game Design: More Than Just Words

They’re just letters. Right?

Learn how to provide a superior game experience through the typefaces you choose and how you use them.

More about the book

Typography is a key element in creating a rich, memorable video game world. The right type doesn’t just provide direction and instruction, but can also set personality, tone, and mood.

Our type designers (and lovers of all things video games) have written a primer on typography for the game industry that’s full of best practices to consider during the creative process.

Learn more about these key elements in the eBook:

  • Personality
  • Legibility
  • Designing for screens
  • Localization

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Understanding game IP licensing in China

Trying to crack the gaming app market is tough wherever you are – but if you open yourself up to other geographies, you can quickly gain a competitive advantage. Unlike Western access to games, China’s market is fractured. Language barriers and a lack of trust creating a daunting task on the surface, while a lack of understanding of its mobile ecosystem can create confusion. It doesn’t have to be that difficult though. This whitepaper from AdsYolo examines the landscape, the problems, and solutions for app developers and publishers to break through in China.

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The importance of versatile syncing in the connected world

As more and more screens emerge into the market, and their consumption increases at an exponential rate, there is a greater need for these screens to be synced and connected in real time. Yet according to the September 2013 Forrester report “Build Seamless Experiences Now”, only 17% of online consumers say that organisations make it easy to switch between different channels. This challenge is one developers face frequently, yet Syncano has put together an exclusive whitepaper on their backend as a service offering whereby all client applications automatically get access to updated data, either by manually requesting though RESTful APIs, or subscribing to changes using Syncano’s synchronous data connections. Download it today.

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Meeting the challenge of an 'always-on, web connected world'

Kaazing recognizes that extending enterprise data to the web and mobile is key in the 21st century. It has sought to survey challenges and trends amongst IT enterprises regarding priorities, applications types and development platforms that will be used by business and technical executives, architects and developers. With almost 300 global respondents, this survey covers quantitative results with respect to priorities, budgets, and types of applications and development platforms to be used by business and technical executives, architects, and developers in 2013.

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Powering Real-Time Mobile Social Apps with Kaazing

The Kaazing Platform extends the HTML5 WebSocket standard in several critical ways, ensures that dynamic data flows freely through network intermediaries and can be consumed by every recipient. Kaazing also adds enterprise-grade scalability, security, resilience, and a host of other services that companies are most concerned about when adopting a mobile strategy. This document examines how developers can implement reliable, secure, massively scalable real-time data delivery to and from mobile devices; using the platform for native, hybrid and HTML5 app development.

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Mobile app marketing: The essentials for every stage

Sound mobile marketing strategy rests on giving applications a base of visibility leading up their rollout into the marketplace, efficiently managing public outreach and other ‘hyping’ efforts at the point of initial launch, and afterwards providing long term support services to ensure that the application stays at the forefront consumers’ minds via active engagement efforts. This document sets out some of the fundamental strategy to achieve this.

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The developer's guide to in-application advertising

Mobile applications are hot. Barely a week goes by without the opening of a new app store or a new download record being set. It’s no wonder that developers are flocking in the thousands to try to get a slice of the action. But as with any industry in the early stages of its development, there is still a lot of confusion about which business models work and which don’t. Developers must decide how they will monetize their apps as the industry matures and new opportunities to cash in arise.

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Downloading from Mobile App Stores Is a Risky Business

In the past few years, vulnerabilities in network services have become increasingly difficult to find in widely deployed server software. Attackers have also found more effective ways to make money from hosts compromised using client-side vulnerabilities. With the everexpanding prevalence and growing importance of mobile applications, a further shift in focus to mobile application security—particularly client-side vulnerabilities in apps such as Mobile Safari—is both predictable and underway.

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