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  • New Kaazing CEO Vikram Mehta: “The more I looked, the more intrigued I got”

    Former IBM VP system networking Vikram Mehta was looking forward to spending time with his children and winding down when his contract at IBM ran out in April. Yet those plans all changed after he was introduced to real time comms provider Kaazing. Now, after being unveiled as the San Jose company’s CEO, Mehta is looking forward to the challenges ahead with what he describes as “revolutionary” technology.

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  • Where now for Firefox OS following Spreadtrum $25 phone deal? #MWC14

    Mozilla has announced a deal with China-based chipset vendor Spreadtrum at Mobile World Congress to deliver $25 dollar smartphones. The chipset, with the catchy name of SC6821, is described by Spreadtrum as “redefin[ing] the entry level of the global smartphone market.”

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  • The Grace Hopper Google Doodle offers a timely re-evaluation of COBOL

    December 9 2013 marks the 107th birthday of Grace Hopper, one of the pioneers of computer science and creator of the COBOL programming language. The occasion has been fittingly marked with today’s Google Doodle, which depicts Hopper sat at her machine calculating her birthday through a simple equation. Given her great influence on what would become the Common Business-Oriented Language, it’s an ideal opportunity to examine the state of COBOL today.

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  • Jon Skeet on C#, the present and the future

    There’s a trend in programming languages which will certainly please Redmond. According to latest TIOBE figures, only six of the top 20 languages are gaining popularity - and three of them are defined by Microsoft. But the only language which moved up in the top eight over the course of a year was C#, which overtook PHP into fifth position. And when DeveloperTech wanted to find out more about C#, who better to ask than Jon Skeet, currently of Google’s parish and author of C# in Depth?

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  • Getjar founder Ilja Laurs: There’s a revolution for developers and carriers #TTW

    “A massive change, a revolution is coming,” Ilja Laurs, executive chairman and founder of GetJar explains. But how? For mobile operators, the winds of change are upon them. Traditional monetisation solutions aren’t working for them, OTT players such as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp are undercutting them, and the problem’s only going to get worse if nothing is done. While many analysts skirt around the issue, Laurs has a stark message: if operators don’t alter their strategy, the future will not be long.

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  • Google launches Dart 1.0, positions as alternative to JavaScript

    Google has unveiled version 1.0 of its Web programming language Dart at the Devoxx conference in Belgium – and has JavaScript firmly in its sights. The Dart project, which has been in the works for over two years, now comprises the language, an SDK, as well as Dartium, a Chrome browser to run Dart programs, and utility support which converts Dart into JavaScript for browsers unable to support the language, called dart2js.

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  • Google rolls out App Translation Service to developers

    Google has announced general availability of its App Translation Service, enabling Android developers to overcome the language barrier and get more Google Play hits. If you think this idea sounds familiar, then you’d be right, as the service was previewed at Google I/O back in May. A pilot program was introduced, with subsequent positive feedback proving irresistible to the execs at Mountain View who simply had to open it up.

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  • Wearable tech too expensive for consumer take-up, research reveals

    Even though wearable technology is one of the hottest tech trends right now, consumers simply won’t go for it unless it becomes more affordable. That’s the finding from GfK research, which polled 1600 UK and US adults in September and found that even though awareness was high, prices were too steep for serious consumer adoption.

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  • Brent Hoberman: How to get investor interest in your app #AppsWorld

    For an investor or venture capitalist looking at an app, credibility is just as important as the idea, according to founder of Brent Hoberman. Hoberman was speaking at an engaging developer keynote at Apps World Europe, alongside two app company founders with whom he has a more than passing interest: Sampo Karjalainen, arguably most famous for the social network Habbo Hotel but currently CEO of tracking app Moves; and Rytis Vitkauskas, CEO of event app YPlan.

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  • How AQuA aims to keep app developers at the top of their game

    If you’re developing an app, it’s very easy to forget basic testing tasks. Even if your app has won awards, there are still areas which can be improved on. That’s where the App Quality Alliance (AQuA), a not-for-profit association run and funded by the likes of AT&T, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, Orange, Samsung and Sony, comes in. AQuA, with its App Quality Directory, provides the testing criteria so developers don’t fall down on simple errors.

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