Facebook employs client-side ranking for improved efficiency

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Facebook's core business surrounds the News Feed and the content it delivers to users, so the social giant is making it more efficient through employing client-side ranking. 

When it comes to seeing content – you want it fast – and so do your users if they're going to stick around. You may not have control of their internet speeds, but that doesn't prevent...

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Facebook introduces new embedded video player API and support for oEmbed standard

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In order to help developers and publishers make their websites more social and engaging, Facebook has introduced a new embedded video player API and support for the oEmbed standard. Facebook users interact with videos, articles, posts and photos on the social networking site on a daily basis.

Facebook had launched an interactive embedded video player earlier in 2015 and the...

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Facebook unleashes React Native for Android

Earlier in the year, Facebook made their React Native framework open-source for iOS to ensure developers can build applications using modern web techniques without having to battle with their existing frameworks. Zuckerberg's social giant has now taken the steps for Android developers, which has allowed them to speed-up the process of building sophisticated native applications. 

React Native started as an internal tool...

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Facebook's user-manipulating A/B testing under investigation

Facebook's testing of emotion-manipulation using their unaware users has caught the attention of a UK regulator. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched an investigation into whether Facebook violated data collection laws during their study.

In one of the tests, Facebook removed positive posts from thousands of users and measured whether the amount of negative posts grew as an impact. Can you imagine if a person suffering from depression goes on Facebook to be filled with...

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Oculus' VR may provide the closest solution to the "Look Up" viral video

We’re a generation attached to our displays.

A video went viral this week called “Look Up” which was written, performed, and directed by Gary Turk is a hard-hitting reminder of all the moments we are missing because we spend too much time in the digital realm.

Virtual reality companies such as Oculus want to keep us here – but even more immersed than what can be achieved from the glow of our smartphones.

Let’s be honest, things aren’t going to...

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[Interview] Facebook’s Director of Partnerships talks Parse and acquisitions

Last Thursday was the anniversary of Facebook’s acquisition of Parse – a much-loved platform to develop apps across devices. DeveloperTech caught up with Julien Codorniou, Director of Partnerships at Facebook, to see how their relationship is going.

In the interview we are treated to the first numbers in which we can help gauge how successful the high-profile buy has been. As well as what the acquisition process is like from a company which consistently makes headline-worthy...

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Facebook’s Oculus Rift acquisition continues the VR dream…

Virtual Reality (VR) is an inevitable future; and it’s one very-rapidly becoming realised thanks to the plucky-ambitions of Kickstarter-success Oculus and their ‘Rift’ headset. It’s an admirable story, and the headset – now in its second iteration – is nearing a consumer-ready device…

Unfortunately for Oculus, Sony is also nearing such a device in their “Project Morpheus” – which is also looking promising…

Then, albeit in a different space, there’s...

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Facebook’s new “PHP+” language is called ‘hack’

Back in the early days of the social-networking giant known as Facebook, it was coded in PHP by Mark Zuckerberg and his (then) small team. Of course as the website grew into the unstoppable force it is today, PHP became difficult to manage…

Facebook's open-source language, Hack, was born out of a necessity – and combines elements of static-type programming languages such as C or C++ with dynamic-type languages like PHP.

Most of PHP is already usable in Hack but requires...

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Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp is more money than sense…

From 32 employees to a $19bn acquisition by the world’s largest social network; WhatsApp is a startup success story which will stay in app development history. But why has Facebook purchased the disruptive OTT player?

Let's be honest, WhatsApp won’t continue as successful as it is today without bringing another game-changer to the table... there are far too many players in the market with far more resources.

It sounds harsh; but WhatsApp is no longer a unique proposition. Today,...

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Exploring Facebook’s “Deep Learning” Artificial Intelligence lab

A new hire by Facebook could change the state of virtual assistants and artificial intelligence forever.

New York University professor, Yann LeCun, is a renowned researcher in the ‘Deep Learning’ field – and has been tapped by Facebook to run their new AI lab with operations in Menlo Park, California, at the company’s headquarters; in London; and at Facebook’s new offices in New York City.

In a post on...

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WhatsApp beats Facebook Messenger in OTT messaging

A study by On Device shows that king of social networks in terms of usage, Facebook, isn’t so royally respected when it comes to OTT messaging – beaten by the disruptive WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was one of the original apps to search your current mobile contacts in order to allow the user to bypass the traditional SMS sold by carriers, and instead send over an IP to a contact for free (dependant on data package.)

Naturally, this caused many to...

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Social, Freemium, and Smart TVs in Gaming #AppsWorld

As part of AppsWorld 2013, I was fortunate enough to sit in on a panel consisting of representatives from four mobile gaming companies; Endemol Games, Wooga, Plumbee, and matmi.

The topic was social gaming – an almost expected feature in the modern game.

Whilst none of the panellists could quite decide whether the “freemium” model was good for the industry or not – a subject which carried through most of the discussion – all could agree on how important social integration is; but...

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Facebook levels the Android SDK with iOS – tags Open Graph

The Android SDK for Facebook has benefited from a major update – now at version 3.5 – it brings Open Graph support, a revamped Share Dialog, Object API support, a redesigned login interface, and the launch of a feature to publish and measure app events.

According to the world’s most popular social network; over 70 percent of the top 100 grossing Android apps have Facebook implemented.

One of the biggest changes can be found in the enhanced Share Dialog; which can now post to the network...

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Use Facebook in-app actions to target specific users

Along with Facebook’s latest SDK update, developers can now target users who perform specific actions in-app through a new targeting field which seeks out your existing customers from their ‘App User ID’ to further help reach the people desired.

For example, anyone who purchased a specific item within your app can be displayed real-world items they may wish to purchase.

Game developers could target users...

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Facebook branches out developer policy after Vine block

Twitter’s new video-streaming app Twitter Vine has already incurred the wrath of Facebook less than one week into its tenure. But why, and how has Facebook’s stance changed for developers?

Vine, a video tool developed by Twitter after the micro-blogger bought out New York-based Vine Labs, has been blocked by Facebook less than one day after launch.

The reason: Vine allows its members to connect to their Facebook friends using the ‘find people’ function.

Or at least, it...

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