Twitter enables developers to embed ads into tweet streams

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A beta program is being rolled-out by Twitter which enables developers to embed advertisements into tweet streams in third-party apps on Android and iOS which utilise Twitter Kit. 

One example of a popular app which uses Twitter Kit to implement a social feed is the official NBA application. From today, developers which use Twitter Kit will be able to monetise...

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Twitter wants to court back developers with Fabric

If you're a developer of applications which use Twitter's API, you'll be aware of the ecosystem crackdown which Andreessen Horowitz partner Chris Dixon said at the time was like “a drunk guy with an Uzi.”

Twitter is like a drunk guy with an uzi killing partners left and right. Expect investment in ecosystem to drop significantly.

— Chris Dixon (@cdixon) May 24, 2010

Dixon wasn't wrong, either. The "token limit" imposed...

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8 tips that you must follow when using Social Media for your app business

We have been looking recently at using social media as your main marketing tool, after all, where else will you find a marketing tool that is as strong as social media and comes for free? The power of social media however, is not always a good thing, one mistake and your business can be seriously damaged, sometimes I would go as far as saying destroyed.

Today we are going to look at the do’s and the don’ts of social media with the aim to educate you enough to ensure that you do not fall into the...

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WhatsApp beats Facebook Messenger in OTT messaging

A study by On Device shows that king of social networks in terms of usage, Facebook, isn’t so royally respected when it comes to OTT messaging – beaten by the disruptive WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was one of the original apps to search your current mobile contacts in order to allow the user to bypass the traditional SMS sold by carriers, and instead send over an IP to a contact for free (dependant on data package.)

Naturally, this caused many to...

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“There’s never been a better time to do a tech startup“ - Sean Kane, F6S co-founder

DeveloperTech spoke to the co-founder of tech start-up social network, F6S, about how they help these important new companies get on their feet and stand-out amongst competition from larger, more-established businesses.

The most enticing aspect of the network – and one which undoubtedly drives its mighty growth – is its price tag; or lack of. Free to join; F6S not only offers promotion to Startups – but Hackathons, Events, Conferences, Accelerators, Jobs, and Angel...

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Firefox 23 is here, kills off <blink> tag at last

Mozilla has officially released the latest iteration of its browser, Firefox 23, which has fixed 13 security bugs as well as increased social integration.

The new features were widely expected, having been known since the release of the beta in June.

Among the elements introduced back then were mixed content blocking – aimed to stop ‘man in the middle’ security attacks where malicious JavaScript was swapped in during a request for HTTP active content – and a new social share button,...

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Yahoo acquires PlayerScale, preparing “play” into gaming?

It’s been a month of acquisitions, releases, and revamps for Yahoo; as a huge push has been made to stay modern amongst fierce competition. The latest is of gaming infrastructure startup ‘PlayerScale’ – is Yahoo heading for gaming?

PlayerScale is a platform to provision cross-platform gaming; as well as deploying to nearly every major platform whilst handling monetisation and analytics data.

Incredibly popular amongst game developers, the company reports it serves...

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How Google I/O is completing the ‘Circle’ for its ecosystem

Heading into Mountain View’s biggest conference of the year, Sundar Pichai, head of Android at Google, warned the public the annual keynote would focus on developers rather than consumers. Whilst true, there is plenty coming this year for both sides to enjoy.

Vic Gundotra opened the conference saying: “We hope that the things you see at this conference will continue to inspire you and we will continue to earn your trust."

Trust in services is important to gain hearts and minds of individuals; Google’s...

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Codassium offers real-time “brogramming” with WebRTC

Codassium, an online code platform by Wreally Studios, allows for two parties to conduct a coding session using Mozilla’s “Ace” editor alongside live video chat for increased collaboration.

The platform uses the WebRTC standard currently being proposed by W3C who is hoping to use it to provide a web-based suite of tools to share data, audio, and video all in real-time across multiple devices.

Moving beyond collaborative work, this platform could potentially be used to conduct live interviews...

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Best practices to make your social app a global success

In 2012, Facebook dominated the social networking space on mobile devices, accounting for 85% of usage in North America and occupying the #1 position in most markets. The penetration of other social apps in the west has slowed down considerably due to FB’s dominance, and according to eMarketer, market growth is expected to drop from 50% in 2011 to 18% in 2014. However, in 2013, Asian Newbies such as Line and Kakao seem to have redefined social networking on mobile. With 74 million users in less than 18...

Twitter introduces updated Cards to help app developers

Twitter Cards, a feature of the micro blogging site which allows tweets to be expanded, has rolled out an extension of its service to include apps, products and photo galleries.

This will be very good news for app developers as their app details, as well as links to the requisite Google Play or App Store page, will be available if a user expands a tweet containing a link to participating sites.

The App Card, which is only available for special approval at the moment and only on Android and iOS mobile clients,...

By James Bourne, 03 April 2013, 0 comments. Categories: Development Tools, Languages, Marketing, Social media. offering more money to developers with incentive program

Remember – Dalton Caldwell’s alternative ‘social network’ which is aiming to put developers at the forefront?

Well, the platform has an updated Developer Incentive Program, increasing the total developer payout to $30,000 a month, up from $20,000.

The original incentive program attempts to monetise those apps built on the API which garner the best feedback from members, with the monthly amount allocated to devs based on their scores in relation to total...

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Facebook and Android: Is it a match made in heaven?

Reports abound that Facebook is urging its employees to dump their iPhones and replace them with Android devices in order to get problems with Facebook’s Droid app sorted quickly.

The concept has been dubbed ‘droidfooding’; a play on ‘dogfooding’, standard tech industry practice whereby a company uses its own products to convince consumers of its worth – think the opposite of Gerald...

By James Bourne, 26 November 2012, 0 comments. Categories: Android, Facebook, Social media, Testing. hopes it will pay to develop on its API

Those musing on the business machinations of Dalton Caldwell’s paid-for, developer-friendly social network will have their curiosity satisfied with the “ Developer Incentive Program”.

A process which “actually incents the creation of innovative, imaginative and useful apps”, is paying out $20,000 (£12,300) a month to developers whose apps developed on the API received the best user feedback.

Each month, beginning on 1 October, members will get an...

By James Bourne, 28 September 2012, 0 comments. Categories: Development Tools, Monetisation, Social media. updates with 250k posts and iOS app

Dalton Caldwell’s, the social network designed as a paid-for, developer-friendly Twitter, has bolted past 250,000 posts amid the launch of an iOS app.

According to an post by Caldwell, approximately half of the posts are from third party clients.

The iOS app, AppNet Rhino, is a collaboration between Planet 1107 and TwinkleTap, and is available from the App Store with a three star rating thus far. Buffer, a post...

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Twitter angers developers with API changes

Twitter’s API has changed, but the alterations will come as a shock to many developers.

Posting in Twitter’s developer blog, Twitter director of consumer products Michael Sippey noted a variety of differences for the nascent 1.1 API.

These included total authentication for developers accessing the API, and per-endpoint rate-limiting, but arguably the most worrying changes for developers involves changes to Twitter’s Developer Rules of the Road.

To sum up, Twitter wants to tighten its grip on...

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Twitter buys out’s staff and API

Has the funding drive forced Twitter into action?, the native mobile A/B testing tool, has been snapped up by Twitter for an undisclosed amount.

The two-man staff, Eric Florenzano and Eric Maguire, has been acquired by the social media giants, alongside the IP, and will commence work as part of Twitter’s growth and international team.

The duo was previously with chat app Convore, a Y Combinator alumnus.

Alongside the ability to add A/B testing to a mobile app,’s...

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Developer network surpasses funding goal

Is really the "service we all wish existed"?, an alternative social network with developers in mind which aims to usurp the more established sites, has gone past its $500,000 funding target with only hours to spare, as eager developers already start to build apps for the network.

The start-up founded by Dalton Caldwell, with the tagline "help us create the service we all wish existed", has as its main goal the vision to create a social network without ad support, and build a service...

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Facebook brings in iOS developers Acrylic Software

iOS developers Acrylic, who “specialise in creating fun, useful and beautiful apps”, has been snapped up by Facebook.

The Vancouver-based design house has two well-known products; the database storage app Wallet, and the personal newspaper app Pulp.

The move is an “acqui-hire” rather than a full on company acquisition – in other words, Facebook has hired the two employees of Acrylic, but hasn’t taken aboard the dev’s products or technology. It is believed Facebook...

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