The history of HTML5 [infographic]

Wix, the website building tool, has recently announced that over a million HTML5 websites have been created on their platform in the first three months.

The builder is being utilised most in the US and Brazil, according to Wix analysis, with users from those countries more likely to optimise SEO settings and provide content-rich sites.

“HTML5 was a buzzword to describe the ‘future’ of the web”, said Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami, adding: “With Wix’ millionth HTML5 site built this month, it’s clear that individuals and small businesses have decided it is the present and where the web is destined”.

Consequently, the Israeli freemium company has come up with this handy infographic celebrating HTML5’s life history, contrasting the websites storming ahead against those lagging behind.

Research firm Strategy Analytics has predicted that by the start of 2013, over 1 billion HTML5-ready smartphones will have been sold – do you agree with the prediction?

Check out the infographic below:

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