Developers warn App Store has been corrupting apps

A suspected glitch in Apple’s App Store has meant that various newly-released apps were corrupted upon download despite clean installs – and this has obviously angered developers.

Instapaper creator Marco Arment was the first to highlight the problem, and now many others have joined him.

On his official blog, Arment noted that as Apple had reviewed it, and with the submitted archive working perfectly off Xcode, it wasn’t a problem at his end.

“But every time I downloaded the update from the App Store, clean or not, it crashed instantly”, he noted.

Since then Arment has turned from proverbial sheep to shepherd, rounding up other developers who had reported the same problem.

The list includes popular applications such as Pinball Maniacs, Angry Birds in Space and Readdle Scanner Pro, the latter giving their own explanation for the difficulties and providing support for those whose apps shut down on them.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of the apps are now working the vast majority of the time, but nevertheless it was a worrying issue.

Arguably the most pertinent aspect of the issue is that, as yet, while Apple has taken steps to fix the problem, there has been no comment from Silicon Valley over what caused the problem, how they were fixing it, or what was going on in general.

Even though Arment, along with the Readdle Scanner Pro team has said that the problem is all but over, the Instapaper boss has exercised caution, saying: “If you’re a developer, and you have a non-critical update pending release, I suggest waiting a few days...before releasing it”.

Did this glitch affect you? Is there a worry that Apple is keeping quiet about what’s happened?  

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