Leap Motion gives reins for motion control software to devs

The 3D motion control specialist Leap Motion has received more than 26,000 applications for its innovative software, provisionally called The Leap.

A free developer kit is due to be sent out to every application that is approved – with entries sent in from over 140 countries.

The Leap, which is roughly the size of an iPod, can be plugged in via USB and is Windows compatible, supporting native touch emulation for Windows 8. Leap Motion claims that Linux compatibility is “on the agenda”.

Technical specifications for The Leap have yet to be determined.

Following the unveiling of The Leap, applications from developers came in at a rate of 1.55 per minute for the first week.

The most heavily targeted sector for using the motion control software is gaming, accounting for 14% of applications. Music and video (12%), art and design (11%), science and medicine (8%) and robotics (6%) completed the top five.

Applications are still open, with clarity the watch word as entrants are asked to describe their idea in ten words or fewer.

Why the fuss?

According to Leap Motion, their software is 200 times more accurate than anything on the market, or as their website says: “This is like day one of the mouse, except no one needs an instruction manual for their hands”.

“Leap Motion is committed to radically changing the way people interact with computers, and opening Leap up to the creative imagination of the world is essential to truly realising the potential of this technology,” said Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald.

One potential question could relate to how the technology is going to be utilised. Appearing to primarily target desktops, could the arguably dwindling relevance of the desktop give The Leap the push?

Apparently not. The San Francisco-based company envisages usage across the spectrum, with the consumer electronics space accounting for integration with tablets, smartphones and game systems due to a series of sponsorships within that industry.

How high can the bar be set for this kind of motion control? Is this going to address the issues of fatigue currently within motion control software?

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