Stack Overflow and Trello founders announce HyperDev – the 'fastest' way to develop web apps

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The founders of Stack Overflow and Trello, Fog Creek, have announced the open beta of HyperDev which is pitched as being the 'fastest' way to develop web applications. 

Due to launch in open beta on May 31st, HyperDev is a collaborative tool which enables developers to focus on writing code for building full-stack web apps while the platform...

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Opinion: Prepare for the Chromebook takeover

(Image Credit: Google)

According to IDC, shipments of Chromebooks in the US overtook those of Apple's Mac products for the first time in the first quarter of 2016. Most people don't need the power offered by the latest Windows and Mac devices, and the lower cost and increased battery of Chromebooks make an obvious choice for the average consumer. 

With the announcement that Android apps will soon be available on Chromebooks, the platform is about to become even more attractive for...

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What to expect from Google I/O 2016

Google's annual conference, I/O, will be held this Wednesday and is sure to make waves across both the developer and consumer worlds. This year we expect to see the event focus on how Google intends to respond to advancements in wearables, virtual reality, and the IoT. 


We expect Android will take a backseat as the company works on freeing the operating system from Java amid continued battles with Oracle and the EU. Some 

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