Research: 1.4 million developers now build for smart homes

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According to a report from VisionMobile, well over a million developers are now building applications for the smart home. Even more intriguing, they're choosing to build for the smart home in particular over any other form of the IoT. 

Other forms of the IoT highlighted in the report include; retail, industrial,...

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Parse-Over: What to do now Facebook has closed Parse

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When Parse was acquired by Facebook three years ago; developers knew the end wouldn’t be too far away. At the time, Facebook emphasised that it was an acquisition for the MBaaS service; not for the talent that resided in the company.

Three years on, “we need to focus our resources elsewhere” according to Kevin Lacker, co-founder of Parse. Even though developers knew...

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Microsoft criticised for the Windows 10 app store – poor algorithms highlighted

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Users of Windows 10 are often frustrated at the lack of applications for its app store, but it's a situation which isn't going to improve unless developers are happy. The fact is, developers aren't happy, and part of the reason is because Microsoft's lacklustre app store algorithms do not give applications the exposure they deserve – often not showing them...

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Apple smashed its own App Store sales record

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Most companies will expect year-on-year growth if they are performing well, but Apple has reported they've smashed their own App Store sales record over the past year, including the biggest single day of sales over its history during the holiday season.

In total, Apple reports the App Store took in over $20 billion during the course of 2015. When you compare to 2014, where the App...

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Opinion: Sharpen your app idea by making it a steak knife

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In the first half of the 20th century, enjoying a good steak was a true labor of love. The common table knife required frequent sharpening and polishing to be able to slice through a tough cut of meat. But shortly after World War I came the introduction of stainless steel. This breakthrough metal meant knives didn’t require polishing.

After World War II, another...

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Opinion: Should you choose a Web or a Native app?

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The first step in developing an app is determining whether it should be native or on the web. This decision will impact every stage of development, from hiring the right programmers to determining which devices it can be accessed on.

Wait — Aren’t There Hybrid Solutions?

While current technology allows for hybrid applications — either by wrapping browser scripting in a native app like 

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Trailhead uses gamification for Salesforce training – launches from beta today

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Salesforce has launched its gamified 'Trailhead' platform out of beta today, offering newcomers and experienced developers a chance to brush-up their skills and potentially land a new job. We caught up with the company's Vice President of Developer Relations, Guillaume Roques, about the launch and what its plans are moving forward. 

With the financial...

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Software modification will soon be legalised

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New rules have been issued by the Librarian of Congress to provide exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which allows the use of modified software. This will legalise the popular act of "jailbreaking" on Apple devices, and the use of custom firmware on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. 


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