How to plan smartly when developing a mobile app

How to Plan Smart When Developing An AppHave you ever heard someone say, “I think I’ll just develop this app real quick”?

Didn’t think so. Developing an app isn’t something you can just crank out. Theoretically you could – but it certainly wouldn’t be a chart-topping application. Developing a successful app takes careful planning and analysis. David Tucker, in

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Support apps for startups suck...until now

In the past 5 years or so we’ve really seen an explosion of online support apps. These companies have become some of the most lucrative business of late; basically the Zen desk clone wars.

For me it’s been very interesting to watch these companies as they design their applications. In my career I’ve always worked in organizations where we built our own support applications. I have also needed a good support app for my startups. So this is a topic I researched often and did so with great...

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Key mobile website design trends: Where do we go from here?

2012 was the year of mobile. It witnessed the launch of several new smartphones and tablets. Apple and Android launched latest versions of their operating systems and more than 1 billion people started using smartphones. The term m-commerce gained traction and the average businessman began thinking about building a mobile website.

By the end of the year, is was obvious that every business would need a website that worked smoothly on...

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How are companies utilising gamification in 2013?

Gamification as a marketing strategy is nothing new, but with its increasing popularity with all kinds of businesses – both B2B and B2C – it’s a technique to look out for this year.

What does it mean?

Basically, gamification is the application of game-design thinking in non-gaming contexts. This can be used with many different types of business processes, and can be aimed at getting both employees and customers to...

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Which platform should companies invest in: Mobile site, web or native app?

What companies must know about mobile to better extract its potential

With the advent of the mobile market, economies are expanding at a rate faster than it can be accommodated. Mobile has brought in its wake a host of growth avenues for companies.

Before looking into the power of the mobile lets see what mobile has accomplished.Let's take a look at some statistics that point towards the growing mobile world:

  • 27% of companies worldwide planned to implement location-based marketing in 2013 according to a report by Econsultancy
  • 25% of international media and marketing executives see...

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Where is the money: Drupal, WordPress or Joomla?

Finally, to put to the age old question folks look for jobs want to know. Although WordPress developer and designers enjoy the greatest demand when compared to  their Drupal or Joomla counterparts, and even though WordPress outnumbers Drupal and Joomla, Drupal web professionals on average make double what WordPress professionals make per project.

In general CMS projects grew almost 50% quarter over quarter. The number of WordPress projects grew 61%; Joomla projects grew 38%;...

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Tough questions for enterprise developers who want to get ahead: Part 2

By Adam Seligman, VP Developer Relations at

Every day, I look around and the world seems to move quicker. Events, news, commentary – it all happens on Twitter before BBC or CNN can even edit the tape. But the world isn’t just moving faster, it’s moving in parallel. A colleague of mine told me he keeps a mobile phone and iPad handy when he watches TV – which is on just for sound in the background.

Does your company move this fast? Does your company have a relentless drive...

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Exploring mobile app backend options

If you are planning to develop a mobile app, chances are that you will require a backend for storing information, or managing content. These days, there are very few apps that do not require a backend at all. So here are the options for developing a backend:

Custom server

You can set up your own server and host the backend on it. But many developers find it time consuming to set up a dedicated server, assign static IP addresses and manage the server in case things go wrong. The advantage of setting up your own...

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Cross-client, cross-browser and roadblocks

There are all kinds of clients out there. There are the ones that don’t want to know and just disengage completely from the project. Others want fine grained control over a providers activity. Some want to get into the code and others like to tweak the front end incessantly.

Weblance is designed to help providers and clients to mesh these working styles into a productive process that deploys apps quickly. In some cases the platform will back clients off to allow providers...

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