Opinion: The obstacles facing software delivery in the 21st century

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As IT trends like mobile, cloud, and consumerisation continue to flourish; the software industry is facing rising levels of complexity. Customers have increasingly unrealistic expectations, organisations are being pushed to work in a more fragmented yet agile manner, and development managers are now expected to dispatch applications to customers at the blink of an eye.


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Obama, the first president programmer

Barack Obama set himself in the history books as soon as he was appointed, but now the iconic US president has brought about a day many programmers questioned they would ever see and become the first president to write a computer program...

As part of the annual Computer Science Education Week, Obama wrote a simple program which drew a square on-screen. Sure, that square is not creating the next Minecraft, but it's a start which proves anyone can begin to...

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Think you can crack this code? Woto may have a job for you

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Social media publishing firm Woto has put up a job advert for digital design graduates – but written entirely in JavaScript, designed to “separate the wheat from the chaff.”

DeveloperTech normally sniffs out cheap PR stunts a mile off – but this one is actually quite interesting. The job, a paid internship, is located at the Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) advertising agency.


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Biggest challenges faced by new managers

Landing your first management role is an exciting and rewarding experience. You’ll have more responsibility, more power and more money. You’ll be given more freedom to act on your own decisions too.

It’s not all a bed of roses though. Management can be a tough and grueling profession whatever the industry, and one which needs to be fully understood and prepared for in order to succeed.

Coming on our

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How to build a winning developer team of iPhone and iPad appreneurs

By Chris Burns “Coming together is a beginning; Staying together is progress; Working together is success.” - Henry Ford

Chris reached out to me a while ago and asked if he could write a guest post. He pitched me on the following topic and it sounded awesome, so he went for it. Below is a great description of both hiring and managing a development team. Almost everyone is going to be working with someone overseas at some point in their life and these principles can be applied...

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Tough questions for enterprise developers who want to get ahead: Part 3

By Adam Seligman, VP Developer Relations at Salesforce.com

Let’s face it. Most of you reading this are probably early adopters. You carry a very smart phone, you’re all over social media, and you’ve got some awesome apps you use every day. Does your work experience reflect your personal outlook on technology? Are you trying out new apps, new dev tooling, or new services? Are you allowed to?

Part three of my series: ‘four tough questions enterprise developers should ask themselves when...

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Tough questions for enterprise developers who want to get ahead: Part One

By Adam Seligman, VP Developer Relations at Salesforce.com

The tech industry is once again at a turning point. We've moved from a world of monolithic applications to lightweight, contextual, social and mobile apps. Apps, not applications. Apps in your pocket, connected to back-end services and data with user context, integrated into the social graph.

Java and .NET developers represent the biggest pool of developers, but enterprise application-development practices too often have them stuck in the...

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Twilio: How to make friends and influence developers

Cloud telecoms communication pioneers Twilio aren’t just bringing their messaging and voice APIs to Europe, they’re bringing their personable, evangelist-based community engagement approach too.

If you follow what goes on in Silicon Valley, you’ll be aware of Twilio. A US start-up that's made waves across the telecoms and cloud communications space providing cloud APIs for developers and businesses to integrate SMS, VoIP and voice calls into mobile, web and desktop...

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How to project manage on big-time #AppDev briefs

In order to run an effective developer team, you must have both people management and process management abilities. The app developer manages the work, quality, budget and deliverable dates, and you need to be an effective project manager to take care of the schedule and assure the work is completed on time and within budget.

Practice Meeting Fundamentals

  • It's your responsibility to make sure that the client and all the team members are meeting on a normal scheduled basis
  • Ensure that all the team members are...
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    UK teenager launches Summly with backing from billionaires and celebs

    A London teenager has become the latest talented young developer to hit the big time, with technology he created to help him with his school studies.

    Summly, created by 17 year old Nick D’Aloisio, pulls in news from hundreds of sources around the internet. Nothing amazing about that, you might think. But the clever part is how it extracts key points and compiles a 400 character summary using an algorithm based on natural language processing and machine translation.

    D’Aloisio says he created the...

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