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    Why iBeacons has developers excited about Bluetooth Low Energy


    The iPhone 4S was the first commercial product to ship with Bluetooth 4.0. At the time, the technology got some attention from industry observers who speculated about its potential - especially around a new technology called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Since it was released devices such as FitBit and the Peddle SmartWatch have helped to demonstrate some of the possibilities of the technology. With iOS 7, Apple is extending the possibilities of BLE with iBeacons.

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    Is ‘iBeacons’ the unexpected (awesome) iOS7 feature?

    Ryan Daws

    Along with every major iOS release arrives a whole host of new APIs to play with; many of the best enhancements aren’t on display to the public, but are underlying waiting for developers to create fantastic applications which utilise them. ‘iBeacons’ could be one of the most game-changing ever.

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    European mobile lagging behind US

    Mike Brown

    According to a report by GSMA, the United States is now far outpacing Europe in terms on new innovations, adoption of new advances and overall mobile use.

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    TomTom launches digital mapping developer platform

    Matt Henkes

    Digital mapping firm TomTom has launched a Location Based Services (LBS) Platform and Developer Portal to allow developers to harness its location technology for web and mobile app creation.

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    More open data required for future location apps

    Matt Henkes

    Large organisations like transport operators have a wealth of data that needs to be opened up to location app developers, according to Phillip Gontier, VP and GM of Poynt, an award winning local search app.

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    Location, Location, Location


    It’s amazing how many companies won’t do business with you because you’re not in the same city, town or region. Despite the advancements in technology and travel it’s still peoples preference to have a supplier close to them. But does having a supplier in the same town actually mean you get to see them, in person more often?

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