Google's new "Jack and Jill" Android compilers

With a brand-new Android release, it's only natural we'll see some updates to the development tools as well. As found by Saikoa, the latest Android SDK contains two new build tools called 'Jack' and 'Jill' after the nursery rhyme characters. The twosome aim to replace the less-catchy existing 'javac' and 'dex' compilers...

Google's decision for creating two new compilers could be due to the ongoing dispute with Oracle over the use of...

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Think you can crack this code? Woto may have a job for you

Picture credit: Riebart/Flickr

Social media publishing firm Woto has put up a job advert for digital design graduates – but written entirely in JavaScript, designed to “separate the wheat from the chaff.”

DeveloperTech normally sniffs out cheap PR stunts a mile off – but this one is actually quite interesting. The job, a paid internship, is located at the Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) advertising agency.


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Java accounts for 91% of attacks, U.S Cloud providers distribute 44% of Malware

When you think about it, most vulnerabilities within the public eye appears to come down to Java in some respect – but it’s not just you – Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security Report points the blame at Oracle's Java for being a leading cause of security woes.

In fact, the report suggest as much as 91 percent of all attacks can be pointed at Java’s insecurities being the culprit.

The data comes via the Vulnerability...

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Jon Skeet on C#, the present and the future

There’s a trend in programming languages which will certainly please Redmond. According to latest TIOBE figures, only six of the top 20 languages are gaining popularity - and three of them are defined by Microsoft.

Whilst Visual Basic.NET gained four places to position 11, and Transact-SQL leapt to position 9 in the November rankings, neither could perforate the fairly rigid top eight, with C and Java comfortably at the summit.

The only language which...

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Google launches Dart 1.0, positions as alternative to JavaScript

Google has unveiled version 1.0 of its Web programming language Dart at the Devoxx conference in Belgium – and has JavaScript firmly in its sights.

The Dart project, which has been in the works for over two years, now comprises the language, an SDK, as well as Dartium, a Chrome browser to run Dart programs, and utility support which converts Dart into JavaScript for browsers unable to support the language, called dart2js.

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Veteran dev Mike Riley on the future of the software developer

Mike Riley has been a software developer in some capacity or other for decades. Currently the Director of Technology at Quarasan, an educational publishing company in Chicago, he’s grateful that he gets to do what he does for a living.

His job responsibilities include network engineering, software engineering, system administration, security management and desktop management – the whole nine yards.

Riley, who didn’t pursue a traditional path to become a software developer, is largely self-taught and is driven by a love for new...

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Determining your mobile development approach

It’s no secret that brands of all sizes are pushing to quickly mobilize their business. But once they decide to go mobile, the question becomes – what mobile development route should they choose?

Companies can’t afford to have a mobile presence… ‘just to have one’. Mobile quality is more important than ever, as mobile becomes of not only a company’s brand...

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PYPL crowns C# 2012’s “language of the year”

The PopularitY of Programming Language (PYPL) index has released its 2012 results and, while Java remains the most widely used programming language by a distance, PYPL has proclaimed Microsoft’s C# as its language of the year.

This is because of C#’s significant increase in usage, up 2.3% from this time last year, according to PYPL. Java had a 28.3% developer share in 2012, even though its usage went down 0.3%. PHP,...

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Splunk introduces new SDKs for Java and Python

A frankly excellent 2012 for San Francisco’s big data intelligence darling Splunk is ending the year with the launch of two new SDKs for Java and Python.

Splunk has seen impressive growth since its inception in 2003, largely off the back of the increasing big data analysis needs of websites, apps, servers, networks and mobile devices that power much of the business world.

Its recent $229.5m Wall Street IPO put the relatively young company firmly on the map in the minds of a far wider audience than the...

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KnockoutJS: An MVVM framework for jQuery developers

KnockoutJS: An MVVM Framework for jQuery Developers

At the end of this article, the reader will understand what MVVM is, why it is useful, and how open source JavaScript frameworks like Knockout can help deliver MVVM applications.


Topics covered in this article:

• What is MVVM

• Benefits of MVVM

• How to implement data binding in a jQuery application using...

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