Nvidia puts its SHIELD around tablet gaming

We don't tend to cover product releases here at DeveloperTech, but when we do, it tends to be because we believe they have the potential to be a game-changer. The graphic chip gurus at Nvidia released their intriguing yet limited controller-with-a-screen last year – and now they're back with a much-improved successor.

The follow-up device unleashes the controller from the screen so it can be used as a standard tablet when needed. It runs (almost) stock Android 4.4 KitKat, and its hardware visually...

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Understanding game IP licensing in China

Trying to crack the gaming app market is tough wherever you are – but if you open yourself up to other geographies, you can quickly gain a competitive advantage. Unlike Western access to games, China’s market is fractured. Language barriers and a lack of trust creating a daunting task on the surface, while a lack of understanding of its mobile ecosystem can create confusion. It doesn’t have to be that difficult though. This whitepaper from AdsYolo examines the landscape, the problems, and solutions for...

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Android is now Wear(ing) Play Services 5.0

Play Services, the clever package of APIs for Android, has been updated to give devs extra Google-y powers even on older devices. At I/O, Google announced a torrent of new features to core apps as well as a new platform - Android Wear.

The Android wearables API allows developers to communicate with their apps running on Android Wear devices with a persistent and automatically...

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Xbox One's Kinect removal pushes titles to 1080p, but there's a far more exciting future on the Horizon...

Microsoft has been under the microscope for their Xbox One console released last year with some developers finding it hard to reach the native 1080p resolution synonymous with this generation. A big part of the reason this has been so hard until now is that, despite the Xbox One's GPU already being less powerful than the PlayStation 4's, Microsoft also reserved 10% of the GPU power for its Kinect peripheral.

This crippling reservation was even present in games which do not use Kinect. In this month's update,...

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DirectX 12, Metal, Mantle... Low-level gaming API market is getting a bit Mental!

2014 is quickly becoming the year of the low-level gaming APIs. Performance is able to be boosted in ways you could convince yourself you were experiencing new, more powerful hardware through getting closer to the "metal" of the GPU when developing the latest titles.

The first to make the headlines in recent years was AMD's 'Mantle' which allows for deep-access to the company's range of GPUs. Games were patched with support for its APIs including DICE's...

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Cloudgine is Microsoft’s secret Xbox One sauce

Microsoft has made a big deal about utilising the Cloud for gaming this generation to differentiate it from the last and open up brand-new opportunities to scale experiences beyond what localised hardware can handle. This is all well and good but beyond a (pretty impressive) demonstration on how the technology can be used in the future – the company hasn’t yet gone into details on how they will help developers implement it into their titles.

According to leaked information, a company...

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Opinion: Xbox One is losing its “Next Gen” vision

Let me tell you my morning routine – I wake up, walk into my living room, and say “Xbox, on”. After this, the Xbox logo under my TV glows and – like magic – my TV and TiVo start-up. Kinect impresses me every single morning and, gradually, it’s been impressing friends and family (this is important.)

Before I bought a “next-gen” console I wanted to be sold on how I can be given different experiences from the previous generation. The PS4 looked like a PS3 with enhanced...

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Instead of VR headsets, maybe we should be thinking about Virtual Rooms?

The current hot topic in the gaming industry is virtual reality – made popular (once again) by the now Facebook-owned Oculus and their ‘Rift’ headset. It’s an impressive device, but one which is currently attempting to overcome crippling problems such as motion sickness…

Whilst Oculus arguably reinvigorated interest in the technology which can transport us to whole other created worlds – other players such as Sony have also announced their own competitors.

There are many...

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Oculus' VR may provide the closest solution to the "Look Up" viral video

We’re a generation attached to our displays.

A video went viral this week called “Look Up” which was written, performed, and directed by Gary Turk is a hard-hitting reminder of all the moments we are missing because we spend too much time in the digital realm.

Virtual reality companies such as Oculus want to keep us here – but even more immersed than what can be achieved from the glow of our smartphones.

Let’s be honest, things aren’t going to...

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Sony struggles as 18% higher-than-expected $1.3bn loss posted

Tokyo-based Sony has been struggling to make a profit from their traditional models of PC, MP3 players, TVs, cameras, and games consoles for some time now.

The company projected a loss for the fiscal year which ended March 31, 2014 as being $1.07 billion.

That number is now at $1.27 billion – a figure 18% higher than expected. Sony pits its exit from the PC market as being a factor in this loss – with write-downs on excess components.

In a statement, a Sony spokesperson said, “Consequently,...

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