PayPal to unleash new Android SDK for in-app payments

Whilst in-app purchases become ever more popular, mainly from the rise of the “freemium” model, PayPal wants to get a slice of the pie on Android.

Announced on Monday, a new SDK from the payment service is to be released first to US developers on May 15.


This follows a release of the iOS version of the SDK which was debuted just over two months ago,...

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Facebook launches monthly app subscription billing

Facebook is introducing subscription billing for apps in a move that should boost the revenues of game and app developers, as well as adding to its own coffers via a 30% cut.

From July, developers will be able to implement subscription plans, offering updated content and a premium experience for their most loyal, fee paying users, establishing a recurring revenue stream on top of the already existing one-time payments.

The least developers can charge for a monthly subscription will be $1.

“This new feature will be available to all and mobile web...

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Google introduces in-app subscriptions for Android

Google has announced that Google Play now supports in-app subscriptions for Android devices, meaning developers can charge users monthly or yearly through their apps.

In-app billing had been available on Play since March last year – when it was still known as the Android Market – however this new move to subscriptions will be more convenient for developers, who only need to set the billing interval and...

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PaymentOne releases HTML5 billing API

M-commerce specialist PaymentOne has released its new mobile API for html5 apps, enabling developers to monetise their web apps using direct billing in the same way they would with native apps.

The PayOne HTML5 API provides an HTML5-compliant Web-based payment flow for developers of mobile games and applications looking to monetize their offerings across all platforms and devices with a highly secure and frictionless "charge it to my mobile phone bill" payment...

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