Obama, the first president programmer

Barack Obama set himself in the history books as soon as he was appointed, but now the iconic US president has brought about a day many programmers questioned they would ever see and become the first president to write a computer program...

Opinion: The State of Windows Phone

Jackdaw Research released a damning report yesterday about Windows Phone which makes it seem like the platform is doomed to failure, but I wanted to share my humble opinion why this might not necessarily be the case...

Unity 4.6 brings long-fabled UI creator

With the latest update to Unity, developers can now ease the painful task of creating UI with a powerful built-in solution which removes the need to use workarounds to achieve what you need.

What Apple WatchKit brings to the party for developers

Last week, Apple released WatchKit to developers. Over the next few months, ahead of the launch of Apple Watch, developers now have the opportunity to take their existing apps and add the necessary extensions to interact with Apple Watch. This point is really key here, Apple isn’t telling developers they have to build new apps, merely take the successful apps they already have and extend them.