As more students want to get into coding, what do they need to know?

Earlier this week, survey results from social learning platform FutureLearn revealed that more 18 year olds in the UK want to get into coding and software development as opposed to more traditional professions, such as medicine or law. This is great news on the surface for the tech industry, but what should budding young developers know before they embark on their working lives?

Get your apps in shape with the Google Fit SDK

Google Fit has entered preview stage and is now providing many APIs for app developers and device manufacturers to store and access activity data from fitness apps and sensors on Android and other devices.

Healthcare apps: Time for a second opinion?

It’s one thing to trust an app that counts your steps throughout the day. It’s another thing to trust an app that helps to diagnose you with a serious illness. As the number of healthcare apps continues to grow, the questions remains: Can healthcare apps be trusted?